Our very own 43% Edinbane Lodge Gin, a reference to our 1543 heritage. Infused with Meadowsweet, Sea Orache and a few secret ingredients foraged from the our woodlands.  Our Gin is carefully blended by our friends at Isle of Skye Distillers to produce a crisp and delicately flavoured drink that serves equally well as an aperitif or refreshing digestif.  


Available to collect from Edinbane Lodge on Sunday the 4th of April 2021 alongside the Easter Afternoon Tea.


Edinbane Lodge Gin 43% ABV made by Isle of Skye Distillers

VAT Included

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    Edinbane Lodge 

    Old Dunvegan Road


    Isle of Skye 

    IV51 9PW   

    Tel 01470 582 217

    Restaurant on Isle of Skye