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Edinbane Lodge 

Old Dunvegan Road


Isle of Skye 

IV51 9PW   

Tel 01470 582 217


Top quality locally sourced ingredients are so important to us at the Lodge.  We also care about the sustainability of our products including the distances travelled. We are very fortunate indeed that the natural produce we have on Skye is some of the best in the world.

Below, we are delighted to showcase some of our wonderful suppliers. Farmers, fishermen crofters, growers, foragers and even some relations. All people who share our values and love sustainable, quality food.    


On a croft with panoramic views of  Macleod’s Tables and Loch Bracadale, Alastair and Glenys Maclean can be found working their croft to produce quality free range poultry and meat products for the local market.

Tradition is at the heart of their croft – having been handed down through the generations since the land was divided into crofts over 150 years ago.  Alastair has followed in his father’s footsteps as guardian of the land, following in the traditional practices of crofting while rearing sheep and cattle.

Glenys introduced the idea of raising a few table chickens alongside, and we are so glad she did. The superb rich flavour of  their croft fed chickens is just so good. Glenys and Alastair also supply 28 day aged Shetland beef. A slow maturing beef from cattle which graze on rough grass and heather of their Vatten croft. 


Twice dived Sconser Scallops are grown naturally in Loch Sligachan by David Oakes and his son Ben.  The king scallops are matured for around two years in the sea loch which is overlooked by the Cuillins. The hand dived scallops are delivered fresh from the sea bed ensuring they arrive at the table, sweet, succulent and in tip top condition.