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A Brief History

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16th Century

Established in 1543  Edinbane Lodge first welcomed guests in a year that saw Tudor King, Henry the VIII of England marry his 6th and final wife, Catherine Parr.

In those days the lands of Skye were owned principally by the MacDonald & MacLeod clans.  Despite its long history, very little is known about the Lodge in those day, except that it was known by its Gaelic Name "Tigh a Linne"  

17th Century 

A further three generations of travellers would pass through its doors before the Pilgrim fathers set sail in search of freedom in the New World and go on to establish a colony that would become known as the United States of America.  

Yet another one and a half centuries would come and go before people of Scotland lost their independence and joined the United Kingdom, under a law which came to be known as the Act of Union.

18th Century ​

In its long history the Lodge has witnessed the severe hardship of the island's crofting people. Many generations of unknown "Sgitheanachds" (People of Skye) who passed through our doors would leave the island forever through enforced emigration in a shameful period of our history known as the Highland Clearances


 19th Century 

In contrast the Lodge has also seen the great wealth of a 19th century philanthropic owner. Kenneth Macleod of Gesto, a close relation of the clan chief, and owner of Dunvegan Castle, acquired the Lodge in the 1880's. He extended the property which served as a hunting Lodge for Kenneths wealthy guests.

20th Century

In the early 20th century it became the island home of London businessman Edward Hilleary who had married MacLeod's neice. The Hilleary connection to Edinbane Estate continues to this day.  Although they are no longer connected to the Lodge, they are frequent honoured guests and very supportive of our efforts to restore the Lodge and it's grounds.

From the early 1970's the Lodge returned to its original use, re-opening as a Guest House and Restaurant under the notably hospitable local couple Charlie and Margaret Mackinnon.   

21st Century

At the end of the 20th century the Lodge began falling into to direpair, 


 For nearly five centuries the Lodge has been recognised as a place to rest and relax before continuing.  

View Sample Menu 

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Our dinner Tasting Menu is currently £85 per person.

We also offer an optional wine pairing for £60 per person.

Market prices for exceptional ingredients may vary and we may offer supplemental courses for an additional charge.


We have a choice of two Tasting Menus for lunch priced at £48 and £65.

Your preferred option may be chosen at your table on the day.

When making a reservation for our restaurant it is very important that you make us aware  of any specific dietary requirements or allergens, as we cannot guarantee that our chefs can accommodate on the day.

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Edinbane Lodge

Sample Menu 

A Taste of Skye

Crispy Chicken & Seaweed Crackers

Crab Claw Scone

Drumfearn mussels with Asparagus


Crunchy Bread  Steam Brioche & Corn Bread

Waternish Prawns with Organic Carrots

Staffin Scallop with Fennel & Brown Butter

Glazed Torvaig Beef Brisket with Peas and Pickled Mushrooms

Mull Cheddar with Celery and Breakish Honey 

Rowan Bud and Almond Sponge

Strawberries Chocolate and Ice Cream 

Please note that our menu changes frequently according to availability and
seasonality of local produce.      

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