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Family, Friends, Community


Our local produce is supplied by family, friends and small community groups who cultivate the land and fish the waters all around the Isle of Skye.

It's a unique connection between people and the land which stretches back generations and involves uncles, cousins, lifelong friends and like minded people who share our values and commitment to quality and sustainability. 


Certain ingredients and dry goods which can't be sourced locally are supplied by a handful of carefully vetted Scottish vendors who deliver to us weekly. 


Check out a few of our family, friends and community suppliers on the food map below 


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Alasdair Montgomery

Owner and Skipper of the MFV Asteria,  Alasdair Montgomery is chef Calums uncle and one of the most experienced fishermen on the west coast of Scotland.

He began his fishing career at the age of 15 with Calums grandfather in the late 1960's working aboard the Skye registered MFV Betty a former Drifter. Alasdair has more than 50 years experience fishing waters all around the UK,and up to the Faroe Islands.

Today, his boat is mostly based at Uig, Skye and much of his fishing is done in the Minch and around the Hebrides. These are some of richest fishing grounds in Scotland with many species including Hake, Halibut, Haddock, Cod, Squid, and even Octopus. Landed directly at Uig pier and on the table at Edinbane Lodge within an hour or two.         

Ewen & David Grant 

Father and son Ewen and David Grant are Skye born creel fishermen who own and operate the MFV Green Isle III  and Mharie Bhan IV from their home port of Portree.

No strangers to Edinbane Lodge Ewen and David are uncle and cousin of Restaurant Manager John Grant. The Grant family have been friends of the Montgomery's for several generations. 

Supplying the Lodge with premium freshly caught Langoustines, Lobsters, Velvet Crabs, and Squat Lobsters their shellfish is simply the best quality that can be found anywhere in the UK and their catch is in high demand with continental customers in Spain, Italy and France.       


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 Neil MacInnes



A very important member of our extended family of suppliers is Neil MacInnes, chef Calum Montgomery's uncle by marriage. 

Based in the pretty little crofting township of Luib at the head of Loch Ainort, Neil selects the finest quality Skye shellfish from the best fishermen on Skye and exports them to the top mediterranean markets of France, Italy and Spain. 

Neil regularly supplies us with the freshest most succulent Brown Crab, Langoustine and Razor clams to name just few. Landed daily, delivered and showcased on our plate within hours  

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Peter Macaskill is a pioneering Skye shellfish growerwho just happens to be married to chef Calum's cousin Sheena.

Peter began cultivating rope grown mussels in the waters of Loch Eishort on the sleat peninsula over 30 years ago, initially as a way of diversifying his crofting activities. The stunning quality of the produce ensured success and Loch Eishort mussels are now an absolute essential for shellfish connoisseurs who demand the finest quality.

Loch Eishort mussels are sustainably grown on long lines at sea instead of the more common method of growing on the shoreline. As they are not dependent upon the ebb and flow of the tides, Loch Eishort mussels feed twenty four hours a day and develop a much more plump and succulent flesh with deeper flavour.

Peter Macaskill

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